When you work with your Dom.

Today we reluctantly returned to our work routine, after a week of holiday and almost full time training.

Master and i actually work together, as partners running a small businsss (which has been both a blessing and a curse at times!)

I think Sir would agree that learning to work together was quite challenging for both of us to begin with, especially since we both always think we’re right, and neither of us take criticism very well!

Today i thought about ways i could better show my respect and submission to Sir in the workplace, to try and make our working life more harmonious.

In lieu of wearing my uniform i made time to at least do my make-up this morning, (which is something i often neglect as we’re usually running late).

i made a doubly hard effort to not criticise Sir, or be controlling or demanding.

i tried to sneak in extra cuddles and kisses at the start and end of the day.

Aside from not really wanting to be back at work at all, our day went ok.
We had one small glimmer of the ghost-of-D/s-week-past, when i asked Sir if he’d like me to make him lunch, and he told me what to make him, and gave me a discrete wink. ☺️

Once the day was over and the staff and customers had left, Sir pulled me close and gave me a few hard spanks, which was very welcome.

Sir left work before me, as i had to stay behind preparing things for the next day, but he gave me a strict time to be home by, and i managed to finish in extra quick time.

Sir likes the idea of keeping a uniform at work for me to change into when the staff leave too, so i imagine that will happen soon.

It’s quite fun now to imagine how our D/s lifestyle could potentially impact our work life too.


When submission doesn’t come easy…

Submission didn’t come so easily today, and i missed it.

Maybe it’s because our break is coming to an end and we go back to work tomorrow (meaning the full-on training will have to take a back burner).

Maybe it was because i had to visit family early in the morning and we didn’t have our proper morning routine.

Maybe it’s because my sex-crazed week-after-period hormones are  fizzling out, or maybe it’s something else.

i suggested to Sir that perhaps we could develop some kind of little ritual at home, to reaffirm his Dominance over me and try to realign my submission each day.

—We’re not too sure what that would entail, so i’ll report back on how we get on developing that!

If anyone has any suggestions, we’d love to hear them! 🙂

Sunday funday

Master and I have been having a lovely Sunday together.

This morning he used my mouth for a while, and as i lay beside him i felt his fingers on my pussy for the first time in a couple of days.
She was immediately wet and awake. i tried to not let my own enjoyment get in the way of my duty to pleasure Sir, and so focussed extra hard on worshipping his cock. It was difficult though, especially when Sir stuck his finger deep inside me!
Still, i needn’t have worried, as after a short while Sir said:

“that’s all she gets.”

After our morning fun in bed, Sir took the time to give me a scrubbing in the shower, which made me feel properly owned and kept.

He gave me a time-schedule to do my hair and make up, and went downstairs to iron one of my white shirts, then dressed me in one of his favourite pet uniforms.

We went out for a small walk today, and for a drive to the supermarket. i didn’t object or change any of my outfit when we went inside the shop; partly because it was a less likely place to bump into anyone we knew, and partly because it is feeling more normal now to go out in my shirt and tie.

Sir was very happy to see me being so well behaved. i told him that being the pet makes me feel calm, and he liked that too.

When we came home i asked Sir if he would like me to start ironing my own shirts in future.
Up until now Sir has been happy to iron them himself, as 1, he knows i hate ironing (!), and 2, because i told him in the beginning that pets don’t do chores!
Now that we’re a few weeks in, i feel that Master shouldn’t have to iron my clothes, and i’m happy to put in the effort to keep my uniforms looking smart. i also feel willing to do more chores than Master around the house. (It really is amazing the changes that are unfolding as a result of prolonged every day training!)

Sir said he hadn’t minded ironing them, but he was glad to see me taking pride in looking smart, and he was happy to watch me ironing whilst dressed as the pet.

i ironed 3 shirts and 2 shirts and went to put them away.

Earlier i’d mentioned sorting my wardrobe to Sir. We’ve planned to fill it solely with pet outfits, and to relegate my non-pet wear to a locked box.
We’ve yet to find a box, but i put forward an interim suggestion, which Sir had me implement today.
i had to hang all of my freshly ironed pet clothes nicely in the main section of the wardrobe, with my pet shoes neatly on the shelf underneath (alongside tidied boxes of our “special toys”). Everything else i folded and put in a closed cupboard, where Sir won’t see it.
(i put some clothes aside for charity too, as they seem too scruffy to wear in front of Master now.)

Master came up to inspect my work. He spanked me 20 times over the bed for going over the time limit he set, then put me on my knees between himself and the wardrobe mirror, and made me suck his cock for the second time today.

i didn’t get a chance to swallow this morning, because he’d made me finish him with my hands, so i thought he’d probably come in my mouth this time around.

i was feeling a bit thirsty and hungry, and was slightly worried about taking all his come in my mouth, but tried to focus on just enjoying the anticipation and feeling the tension grow in his cock and balls.

When Sir came it lasted quite a long time, and i was really embarrassed that i wasn’t able to swallow it all, and actually gagged on some!

Sir was ok about it though, as it’s the first time that’s ever happened (and hopefully the last!)

We had some lunch and then had a bit of time to spare.

For ages i’ve been wanting to be put in my chains and left on the floor. Sir doesn’t mind me making suggestions, so i asked if that was something he might like to do too.

He said that it was, and told me to go and get the chains.

i hurried upstairs and found the chains and a few other things that i’d happened upon whilst tidying our toy box, just incase Sir found them appealing to use. i put all of the things on the coffee table, and knelt beside it waiting for Sir.

Two of the things i brought down were a black neck tie, and a black fabric hood that we’ve not used for a while. i hoped Sir might like to use one of them to put me in the dark (as we no longer own a blindfold).

Sir picked out the hood enthusiastically, and immediately put it over my head.

He gagged me too, then cuffed my ankles tothether, and cuffed my wrists behind my back.

i’d kind of hoped to be left on all fours, so now it was extra challenging to know i’d be expected to stay kneeling upright.

Also on the table was a metal dog lead, incase Sir wanted to attach it to me somehow.
I heard him pick that up too, and felt him attach it to one of the metal rings on my gag..

Sir led me with the lead to kneel infront of him as he sat on the sofa to watch football, and kept ahold of the strap on the lead in his hand.

i loved feeling like an object on show on the floor

i opened my eyes and could see Sir through the thin material of the black hood.
He looked totally self assured and in control, casually watching tv, and glancing across now and then to his chained, gagged, hooded pet.

Occasionally he’d tug on the lead to remind me he was holding it.
i saw him move to the edge of his seat and put his face close to my face.

He quietly told me to open my legs, then put his hand down my knickers, and remarked upon how wet i was, then starting rubbing his finger over my slippery wet clit.

i made noises around the gag. Sir  said “you know you’re not allowed to come, don’t you?” and i was left almost sobbing from the predicament i was in, feeling so helpless, uncomfortable and objectified, and yet so incredibly turned on at the same time.

When i felt close to coming i had to shake my head and close my legs to make Sir stop.
He told me i was a good girl and went back to watching the game, and told me that i would be kept on the floor until the game ended.

During that time i tried to take in every feeling and appreciate being kept on the floor, incase it doesn’t happen again for a while.

Sir came back close to me. He touched my breasts and held my throat, then made me open my legs again, and once again took me to the brink of orgasm.

i was sure that this time he might let me come — that i’d been good enough to earn a reward and that he’d probably love to see me coming in this situation.

But no, i still wasn’t allowed!
He took me to the brink and stopped about 5 or 6 times!

When the football game finally ended Sir took the gag and hood off me, and smiled.

He told me i’d been on the floor for 45 minutes (but to me it only felt like 20).

He took off the chains and i got up to stretch my legs and walk about, and tried to compose myself after being repeatedly made so over-exited for such a prolonged time.

Sir smiled mischievously and told me how much he’d enjoyed edging me.

i’m now sat quietly writing my blog next to him, and i’m about to cook a lovely Sunday roast dinner.

i wish we could spend every Sunday at home like this, as Master and pet!

Day 24 in pet training

i had to wake up Master to ask to be released out of my chastity belt last night, as it was 5am and i still hadn’t slept a wink! Sir was kind and let me take off my uniform too to try and help me settle.
In the morning he let me lay in bed until 11am.

Sir went and got up, and i was left laying alone naked in bed.

i thought of how i could touch myself and he would never know.
i could ask for permission to give myself an orgasm, and because Sir is kind he might have let me.

But then i would be throwing away all the hard work we’ve put in, and i’d never know what’s on the other side of following the rules for 24 days.

i got up and was allowed to wash myself this morning.
We had a lot to do and a lot of places to go, so i asked if i could not dress as the pet today, just for speed of getting things done, (and because me being dressed as the pet would be too distracting for both of us!)

i found it is already starting to feel strange to have control over what to wear.
i didn’t want to abandon my pet clothes altogether, because i like the comfort of being reminded that i’m kept and owned.

Still, i wanted to also have the comfort of wearing jeans again for a day!

i chose a new black pair of jeans i recently bought, and paired them with the shiny smart shoes that we bought on our first night in Brighton.
The shoes hurt my feet a bit but they’re not very high so they’re easy to walk in.
(i’ve since found out they’re actually a size too small which is why the rub a bit!)
Sir likes knowing that they’re a bit uncomfortable for me to wear.
i chose a smart shirt too, and buttoned the top button, but didn’t wear a tie.

We were out for quite a while driving from shop to shop, which was a bit boring compared to where we’d both rather be (at home as proper Master and pet!)

i still tried to be respectful to Master when we were out, and when no one was in ear shot i still called him Sir.

As soon as we were home Master wanted to put me straight back into strict uniform, even though he knew i had to go out again later.

i asked what i was to wear, and Sir told me to surprise him!

i chose to put on the dark teal skirt that Sir likes, with a white shirt, the wide lace-up belt, his favourite high heeled turquoise shoes, and some new sheer black tights with a seam effect up the back of the leg, which up until today i’d yet to wear.

Sir came upstairs and watched me dress, and said i’d chosen the outfit well.

He made me join him on the bed to serve him with my hands, and told me i’d have to keep my uniform on when i went to work that evening.

i agreed, even though i knew it would make my job harder and would make my feet hurt. No one would be around to see me though, so it would be easy to please Master and follow his orders without worrying about being seen.

i found that being in my uniform even changed how i work. It slowed me down and made me less messy and all-over-the-place.
It stopped me wanting to stop for snack breaks and to check my phone all the time too!
It made me feel more disciplined about how i went about my work, and made me want to get home in good time to see Master!

When i was finally home i was so happy to see Sir.
He said he has already noticed a difference in how well behaved  i’m being, and said my training is going well.
We had some sexy cuddles in the kitchen, with him running his hands over my uniform and holding his hand around my neck.

Before bed we were on the sofa, and i was sitting with my arms around Sir’s neck and my legs draped over him. i felt so kept and desired and loved.
i told Sir how much i love being kept as the pet, and it i think it made him really happy to hear.

3am pet.

It’s 02:44 and i can’t sleep, so have decided to get a head start on writing about events that happened before bedtime.


Sir decided to use me one last time before bed.

I started off with my mouth, but soon he wanted me on top of him.

Almost instantly he plunged his finger deep into me as i touched him.

He told me how much he likes doing that and i asked why.

Sir said it’s not my place to question.

As i felt his finger in me and his cock in my hand, i couldn’t help but wish it was his cock in me instead.

i didn’t want to seem controlling or demanding, but still i offered the use of my hole, on the off chance that Sir would like it.

“maybe” he said, and told me to carry on touching him, whilst he rubbed my tits through my shirt, and told me again how i’m not allowed to touch myself, ever.

i apologised again for being bad, and said that i probably didn’t deserve to feel his cock inside me after all, as i hadn’t earned it.

Sir said that was correct, and that i still have a long way to go in my training before i’m allowed it, and that i can’t have it until i’m the perfect pet.

i realised that could take months!

It’s given me new incentive though to behave, as i love feeling my Master’s cock inside me, (but it only happens on rare occasions!)

As i felt Sir nearing his orgasm i asked if he’d like to put me in my belt for bed.

Sir said that he would, and then he came soon after.

He went to clean up, and told me to get the belt and the padlocks ready.

When he returned i hitched up my skirt so that he could fit and lock the leather-effect chastity belt onto me. i asked if he wanted to put the dildo attachment inside me too, but Sir said he didn’t think it would be safe to leave it in all night.

He fastened the belt really tightly onto me, so i can feel it constantly digging into me.

i thanked Sir for putting it on me, and for helping me to not accidentally touch my pussy in the night.


That was a couple of hours ago, and i think perhaps the over-stimulation and constant sexy thoughts are now keeping me awake!

i can’t get comfortable or the right to temperature, and naughty pet scenarios keep invading my brain!

Things like:

-Being made to sleep in a pet bed  on the floor.

-Being punished by being put into a cage for the night.

-Being taken to a “special” pet grooming parlour, to get preened for my Master.

-Being left tied up in the garden.

If i was allowed to come i could get these silly thoughts out of my head for a while!

It’s now 3:06 and i need a wee, but i can’t even do that without waking Master to unlock me!

i’m going to try and reset, and imagine that Sir is ordering me to sleep, (and hopefully not end up being a grouchy sleepy pet tomorrow!)

Day 23: Spanked pussy

Found it hard to sleep last night because my arms felt itchy and my skirt was tight.

In the morning as Sir lay feeling me over my clothes,  he was cross to find that i had unzipped my skirt and undone the buttons on my shirt sleeves without asking permission.

He reminded me of the two undone buttons on my shirt last night too, and said he would give me 25 spanks as punishment.

i asked if they’d be on my bare bum or over my skirt.  Sir told me to open my legs, and that they’d be given on my bare pussy.

He told me to count them, and that if i tried to close my legs at any point he’d add on 10 more.

Sir spanked me hard enough that it was uncomfortable, but not unbearable. Some hurt more than others, but i only had to fight the urge to close my legs a few times.

i told Sir i was sorry for misbehaving, and thanked him for disciplining me.

He said it was ok, and that i’m still learning.

Sir went to have a shower and got dressed, and then told me it was time for my scrubbing.

He led me to the bathroom and helped me undress, and told me to step into the bathtub.

He told me to stand with my legs apart, and i did as he said, whilst keeping my head up and facing forward like i’ve been trained to do.

Sir turned on the water and scrubbed my arms, arm pits, tits and tummy with the bristled brush.

He made me spread my legs a bit further and used the brush to scrub roughly between my legs, before turning me to stand spread eagled with my hands on the wall, whilst he scrubbed my back, legs and arse.

Sir rinsed me off and ran his hands over me to help remove all the soap lather, and let his hand rub at my pussy teasingly before telling me to wash my hair.

i asked if i should shave my legs too, and Sir said yes, and that i had to shave my pussy as well.

Sir left me to finish washing and drying, and told me to put on my make up and let him know when i was ready to get dressed.

The outfit he chose for me today was one of my many white shirts (with the really tight collars), my black tie, my black skirt, my new red belt, nude tights and my new pink shoes.

Once i was dressed Sir said he wanted to use me for my pet duty, and made me straddle his leg whilst i touched him.

He reminded me that i’m not allowed to touch my pussy at all, and said that he’ll start timing my toilet breaks incase i get tempted to touch her whilst he’s not around (not that i ever would whilst in the toilet!)

I confessed that i had actually touched her briefly this morning in the shower, just to see how wet she’d gotten from being scrubbed, but promised to try and not do it again. Sir said he will scrub her every day, and that i’m not to touch her ever, even in the shower. (i think it will be quite hard to not slip up.)

I stayed the house pet for the majority of the day, tidying the kitchen, making lunch, and sitting on the living room floor using the ipad whilst Sir amused himself with tv or computer games.

i had a small moment of feeling uncontented, and Sir actually offered to give me the rest of the day off and let me change into regular clothes. i didn’t want to spoil the run we’ve had though, and didn’t think i would feel any better out of my uniform.

I instead asked if Sir could help put me in my place for the day.

Sir asked how he could help, and i said it would probably help if he could touch my pussy just a bit, because she was wet and it was hard to ignore her!

He told me to spread my legs as we stood in the kitchen, and put his hand down my knickers to give me a tiny release of tension, which helped put me in a better mindset to behave for the rest of the day.

Towards the end of the day Sir suggested we go out to buy some stock for a business event we have this weekend.

i asked what i was to wear and Sir told me that i could go out in what i was wearing.

i said i thought that was unreasonable!

Being seen dressed as the pet in public in another town is one thing. Potentially bumping into friends and family and having to explain wearing a shirt, tie and pink heels to the supermarket is a whole other ball game!

I didn’t want to change out of my pet clothes altogether though, so we compromised on swapping my nude tights for black ones, my pink heels for more sensible shoes, and letting me cover everything else up in a big long jacket!

As we parked up i asked if i could change even further, by removing my tie and undoing my top button, and i said that if i was allowed to i would owe him something extra another time.

Sir said it was ok, and i made sure that i put it back on as soon as we were back in the car.

We had a little walk in the evening too, and i wore my tie then, as i felt less likely to be seen by anyone we knew.

Sir asked if it was seeming more normal to wear my uniform outside, and i said that it was.

i told him i simultaneously like it and don’t like it, which he said pleases him.

Aside from undoing some buttons, taking an unathorised toilet break, touching my pussy in the shower, and taking off my tie at the shops, i was kind-of well behaved today!

There’s definitely still room for improvement though!

Day 22 — showered in uniform.

Day 22 in pet training.

I went to bed in my full uniform, but once again had to ask for permission to take it off, because it was too hot in the hotel room.

In the morning i immediately put it back on, ready for Sir to take me fully clothed into the shower.

The night before we had mentioned leaving me under cold running water for 5 minutes, as a punishment if i was ever bad.

Sir marched me into the shower, turned it on, and gestured for me to stand under it right away with a “i don’t care how cold it is” look on his face, and told me i’d been bad for sleeping without my uniform again.

Thankfully the water warmed almost instantly, and i stood still as the water poured over my hair and face, and my whole uniform became soaked through.

Sir put me on my knees and stood naked before me with his huge hard cock in my face.

i immediately put him in my mouth, and hoped he liked the view of his soaking wet uniformed pet on her knees at his feet.

i loved the feeling of the warm water coming down, and the wet shirt clinging to my skin as i served my Master.

i worried Sir’s legs would get tired through standing for so long, but tried to remember that Sir knows what he wants, and that nothing is my concern or my place to question.

i alternated between kneeling on the shower floor, and balancing on my heels.

Soon i could feel that Sir was about to come. i felt so grateful that our trip fell during the time when i can’t get enough of the taste and feel of him coming in my mouth.

I gratefully swallowed everything, and kept him in my mouth for a moment longer, so as to not miss a drop.

Sir told me what a good girl i was, and that i could now take my wet uniform off.

i helped Sir wash his hair, and then washed my own, and myself with the long scrubby brush.

It was the morning of check-out at the hotel.

We tidied and packed and got ready to take our things to the car.

Sir decided to dress me in the new dark teal skirt we’d bought, along with a spotty white shirt, black tie, nude tights, and my new pale turquoise high heel shoes.

i managed to walk quite well in them, thanks to the training session Sir had me undertake on day 21! i was slightly conscious of seeming overdressed for daytime, and that people might be judging me.

Sir reminded me not to care what anyone else thinks, and that all that matters is that i’m pleasing him, and that he thought i looked amazing.

We had planned to go for breakfast, but in the end decided we’d rather just head home early.

i liked being in the car with just me and Master.

The drive home took longer than the drive there, because of traffic hold ups.

Sir said he didn’t mind too much though, because he had his pet to look at, (which kept him hard for most of the journey home!)

We joked about lorry drivers perving over me as i sat dressed as the pet on display, which Sir liked the thought of, (and secretly so did i!)

Almost as soon as we got home Sir took advantage of my pet duties again, and made me serve him as he sat on the sofa.

He didn’t touch me though, as Sir said my pussy needs to just be left quietly for a little while now.

We ate some food and watched tv, and i had a little nap on Sir on the sofa.

Sir kindly let me on the furniture for the rest of the evening. (he had planned to keep me chained and gagged on the floor for the evening, but he must have had a change of heart).

As Sir settled to play on his computer, i asked if i may lay on the sofa and kiss his balls and cock for the rest of the evening.

i like the idea of Sir going about his business, watching tv or playing computer games, whilst i’m just there quietly serving him with my mouth.

Sir was happy to oblige, but found it hard to concentrate on the game, (so ignored that until he’d had his 3 orgasm of the day!)

As i lay sucking him he used his hand on my head to push his cock deep in my throat, and held me there for about 10 seconds, before letting me up for air, and doing it again a few minutes later.

He made me sit up on top of him towards the end, and rubbed his hands over my shirt, and towards my neck again.

i made some small sounds to let him know i was turned on by it, and felt Sir put his hands fully around my neck and throat for the first time.

After he had come i told Sir that i was conscious of what he’d been doing — gradually training me to like his hands on my neck, when previously i’d not been keen on it at all.

He admitted he had been doing that. i told him i liked it because it felt controlling to be touched on such a vulnerable place, and that i liked showing i trusted him enough to do it, but also that i was mindful that it is potentially dangerous, and obviously i wouldn’t like him to accidentally harm me!

— i know from following various BDSM sites that choking is quite a trend now, but being naturally safety conscious i do think it has potential for people to get into accidents if they get carried away doing it!

i don’t think Master was planning to start actually choking me, but it is hot to now have the added feeling of deep submission when he holds his hand around my neck.

After playing Master carried on with his computer game, and i was allowed another nap on the sofa.

Before bed i was told off for entering the bedroom with two buttons undone. Sir says i’ll have 10 spanks tomorrow as punishment.

Went to bed thanking Master for a fun time being on display during our trip away.

Master says it doesn’t stop here.

It’s just the beginning.